Rome Photo Tours

Rome Photo Tours

Rome Photo Tours from 150€ for 1 people

Our photography tours of Rome will help you improve your photography skills while discovering this fascinating city. Whether you want to get great photos of world famous monuments and historical buildings, intimate scenes of hidden streets or the sleek lines of modern architecture, we can offer you a photography activity that matches your interests and schedule.

- Tour 1: Piazza del Popolo and around

Piazza del Popolo; Pincio; Trinità dei Monti; Piazza di Spagna; Via del Corso; Piazza      Venezia.

- Tour 2: Vatican and around

Tour 2: St. Peter’s Square; Castel Sant’Angelo; Bridge of Angels; Piazza Navona; Campo de’ Fiori.

- Tour 3: Coliseum and around

Coliseum; Fori Imperiali; Campidoglio; Teatro Marcello; Bocca della Verità; Circo Massimo.

- Tour 4: Gianicolo and around

Discover the hill that affords the best view of Rome. Just above the Vatican and the Trastevere neighborhood, the panorama from the top takes your breath away.

- Tour 5: Caracalla and Appia Antica

Discover with us the the archaeological area of the Appian Way, one of the earliest and strategically most important Roman roads of the ancient Republic.

- Rome by night Tours

Photo Tour Participants

Our tours are equally suited for vacationers looking for a funny way to discover Rome through the lens, for business travellers with only a few hours to explore the sights, or for photography enthusiasts who want to immerse themselves completely in the world of photography in Rome. Our photography tutors and guides will do more than just show you where to take pictures; they are committed and qualified to help you upgrade your creativity and skills.

Photo Tour Objectives and Format

Our tours include tailored photography instruction on topics such as: recognizing the visual elements of good composition; taking greater creative control of the camera through manual settings; mastering exposure through appropriate light metering; and any other specific area you would like to develop… During the tour we will also review and offer a friendly critique of your own images (submitted in advance); guide you to the best locations for unique pictures of Rome, assist you in identifying creative opportunities for photographing this romantic city; and share our knowledge of Rome and its unique place in the world of photography.


Requirements: Digital or Analog camera, tripod. Time Schedule: By appointment Suggested time: 6:30 to 10:30 am or 4:30 to 8:30 pm. Languages: Italian, English.


From € 150 for one people; € 100 for each added participant. Inclusive of all transfers.


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Personal Photo Tours in Rome

Be portrayed by our professional photographers in the Eternal City!

Personal Photo Sessions in RomeWhether you are visiting Rome alone, as a couple or as a family, take the chance to discover the city while being portrayed by our professional photographers.

We’ll guide and follow you while you’re having fun and enjoying Rome. Our approach combines photo documentary and classic portraiture, to capture your smiles, laughter and emotions in timeless images with typical Roman backdrops. We work as dedicated image-creators for our customers, leaving them unforgettable memories of their holiday in the “Eternal City”.


- Solo Package: 150€ | 1 Location – 2 People – 1.5 Hour – 30-40 Retouched Images

Duo Package: 200€ | 2 Location – 2 People – 2 Hours – 40-50 Retouched Images

- Trio Package: 240€ | 3 Location – 2 People – 2.5 Hours – 50-60 Retouched Images

Choose out of several itineraries!

Based on our deep knowledge of Rome we have selected some itineraries chosen for their picturesque and diverse backdrops. But if you have something different in mind we would love as well to customize special sessions for you.

  •  Colosseum, Fori Imperiali and Campidoglio
  • Pincio and Villa Borghese
  • St. Peter and Castel Sant’Angelo
  • Gianicolo and Fontanone
  • Appia Antica and Cecelia Metella Mausoleum

A private photography session at your chosen location(s) for the selected duration. Up to 2 people (larger groups should inquire about special arrangements). A link for download of all retouched images (High Resolution files), available within 10-14 days.


Whitin 10-14 days you’ll receive a private online gallery of retouched images with a link to download high resolution files for quality prints.


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Quando il segno diventa poesia

Provate ad immaginare uno spazio tagliato da una luce. Al centro della luce una persona recita una poesia che lei ha composto. Nessuna parola sostiene la recitazione, tutto si svolge in silenzio. E’ il corpo che recita. Il vissuto, il ritmo e le emozioni si esprimono attraverso il movimento di mani, spalle, testa, gambe e le espressioni del volto. La poesia, così, riempie il silenzio e risuona forte per emozionare chi ascolta. Questa immagine è un’affresco dell’esperienza che si può vivere assistendo alle performance di poesie segnate da persone non udenti in lingua LIS.

Questo è l’inizio del bell’articolo che lo psicologo Lando Cruciani dedica al progetto “Poesia in movimento”, che la nostra agenzia sta portando avanti insieme all’associazione Il Laboratorio. Naturalmente potete leggere per intero l’articolo di Lando cliccando qui. Buona lettura!

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I nostri corsi fotografici per il 2014

La sala pose della Lar, Libera Accademia di Roma.Il 24 febbraio 2014 partono i nostri corsi di fotografia presso la Lar, la Libera Accademia di Roma, in Viale Giulio Cesare, 78. I corsi sono visualizzabili anche sulla guida 2014:

Corso di Autoritratto in 4 lezioni con Antonio Tiso e Ilenia Piccioni. Il lunedì 16-18 presso la Lar in Viale Giulio Cesare, 78. Inizio: 31/03/2014. Contributo: 100€

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